The Design Kreator Company has existed since 1995 whereas we deal with the promotion for considerable longer period. There are in our group constructors, industrial and graphic designers. Each of the us has the indyvidual experience in creation the technical designs.

The competive strength of modern manufacturing companies lies - most of all - in speedy reaction against demands of market and competence of distinguishing. The manufacture of the consumer goods must be supported of good pattern-designing, high quality and low cost..

We create designs which constitute with the vision of product from it conception, develpoment, industrialisation to advertising. Having the interdisciplinary team we carry into effect the principles concurrent designing thus we shorten the time of the technical preparation of production at 30% to 50%.

Our pattern designs style form aesthetics, utilisable features of product with consideration of production and material terms. We draft a new external attire for appliances of universal use (house, office industry etc.) basing on modern technologies of production.